Emma Maris - Expired Kodak Max 400

Shooting on expired film is always a gamble. You never know how the colors will turn out, how grainy your photos will be, or if they’ll develop properly at all. I shot this roll of expired Kodak Max 400 with Emma a few weeks ago after holding onto it for nearly a year. I bought it at WINGS camera in Decatur out of what they call the “student box,” which is a box of film they sell for cheap because they have no idea how old any of it is. Grain can add so much to a photo and I love the feel of these. The dress she chose to wear contrasts so perfectly with the greens and blues of this location! I realized I’m spoiled with using almost nothing but Portra 400 and need to branch out into some other stuff to experiment with colors. Hope y’all enjoy!
- Christian