Emma Maris - Expired Kodak Max 400

Shooting on expired film is always a gamble. You never know how the colors will turn out, how grainy your photos will be, or if they’ll develop properly at all. I shot this roll of expired Kodak Max 400 with Emma a few weeks ago after holding onto it for nearly a year. I bought it at WINGS camera in Decatur out of what they call the “student box,” which is a box of film they sell for cheap because they have no idea how old any of it is. Grain can add so much to a photo and I love the feel of these. The dress she chose to wear contrasts so perfectly with the greens and blues of this location! I realized I’m spoiled with using almost nothing but Portra 400 and need to branch out into some other stuff to experiment with colors. Hope y’all enjoy!
- Christian

Los Angeles - Portra 400

Today marks one year since my flight back home from California, and I truly can't believe I held on to this roll for so long. Most of these photos were shot in LA, but there are a few on here from Venice, Orange, Newport Beach and a few other locations that I've probably forgotten. Portra 400 never ceases to amaze me, and my only regret is not taking more photos on film during my time in California. I can't wait to go back and capture more. I hope you all enjoy these photos even half as much as I do.

- Christian


Had the pleasure of making a trip to Athens yesterday morning to photograph Mighty. Shooting mid-afternoon is pretty difficult due to harsh lighting, so we opted to shoot inside of this shed. I really loved the colors of this rug and everyone's clothes somehow seemed to coordinate with it. We had fun posing around that and even shot through that dirty window you see behind them for a few frames. My friend Natalie came along and offered some great suggestions for creative posing. We didn't have much planned out for these images, but I ended up loving the results. Sometimes it's just about working with what you've got!

You can give these dudes a listen here